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Angela Andronache

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Angela Andronache is a professional Camera Operator, Videographer, Editor and Actress known for "TRUST" (2022).


Angela is an experienced real estate videographer and a visual producer based in Miami focused on promoting Realtors, Properties, Entrepreneurs and Companies around the World through the power of lenses.

Born and raised in the Republic of Moldova from an engineer father and a mother of French & Russian Professor, Angela has the ideal foundation to a high achiever.


Angela studied IT & Economics, Marketing, Fine Arts, Acting, Videography & Photography, has a bachelor in Law and a Master in Criminal Justice. She began her career as a Finance Negotiator for an overseas company in the Netherlands before she moved to US.

Outside of business, Angela is passionate about a healthy vegan lifestyle, practicing yoga & meditation, biking, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, painting, filming and spending time with her entertaining parrots. 

Delighted about the ocean, Angela is enjoying activities like surfing, paddle-boarding, snorkeling, free-diving, jet-skiing, boating, swimming or even a quiet day at the beach reading her favorite books on personal development.

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