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Lights, Camera, Panic! Crafting a Triple-Award-Winning Mockumentary in 48hours, Exclusive Interview!

these creative minds had a secret sauce, and it wasn't just for their burgers! 🍔🤫

Watch the full video interview above:

Are you ready to dive headfirst into the wonderfully wacky world of filmmaking where chaos reigns supreme, humor is the saving grace, and creativity knows no bounds? Well, buckle up because we've got a story that will leave you both inspired and in stitches! We're interviewing Sharon Pfeiffer and Joe Mignone from "Lost Treasure" a Nu Shar Le'Var Production.

Lights, Camera, Mayhem!

Picture this: the sunny shores of Florida, the vibrant atmosphere of Savor Cinema in Fort Lauderdale, and a bunch of filmmakers ready to tackle the impossible. That's right; we're talking about the 48-Hour Film Project Festival, where the clock is ticking, and the pressure is on. In this uproarious interview, we're about to unravel the tales of the production crew that took the festival by storm.

Crafting a Mockumentary Marvel

Now, imagine the madness of dreaming up a cinematic masterpiece in a mere 48 hours. It's the challenge that might send even the bravest filmmakers into a tailspin of panic. But here's the kicker – these creative minds had a secret sauce, and it wasn't just for their burgers! This sauce led to a twist that sent one of their own "six feet under."

Now, did they hit the panic button and call it quits? Absolutely not! These filmmakers are cut from a different cloth. They decided to embrace the chaos, roll with the punches (and the puns), and turn their dark twist into a comedy masterpiece with audiences roaring with laughter.

The Triple-Award Triumph

But that's not the end of the story. Oh no! These filmmakers didn't just conquer the chaos; they triumphed in epic fashion. They walked away with not one, not two, but three prestigious awards! They snagged the Best Director award, rocked the Best Use of Line award, and even secured the Audience Choice Award!

Inspiration in Every Frame

So, why is this story worth your time? Well, my friends, it's a testament to the indomitable spirit of filmmakers. It's proof that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, humor, creativity, and teamwork can prevail. This interview will have you in splits, but it will also leave you inspired and motivated to embark on your own creative adventure.

Get Ready to Laugh, Learn, and Love Filmmaking

Tune in to this laugh-out-loud interview for an inside scoop on how they navigated the chaos, managed to keep their humor intact, and turned a potential disaster into comedy gold. Hit that like button, subscribe for more behind-the-scenes fun, and don't forget to drop your favorite film-inspired emojis in the comments!


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